Is it in the Stars?

Have you ever wondered whether or not there is any credibility to Astrology? I stumble across my horoscope almost everyday because it is on the homepage of my computer. Because it is there, I usually read it. It is funny how most times it seems to resonate with me and sometimes it's uncanny how spot-on it is to my current or near-future state.

As an Aries, I'm supposed to be the bold ram going through life to the beat of my own drummer. To that, I can relate; though I can also identify with the trait of constant swirling thoughts of a Gemini. What if I'm wrapped-up in all of the signs? 

Scientific evidence does not support a theory where the stars actually impact our lives (unless we get hit by a meteorite). Therefore, I've come to believe horoscope writers are just good at crafting a universal message. Within those messages they place pretty good advice: Go for it! Be cautious, but not too cautious. Seek your best self. Be kind to your spouse. Watch out for scams.

As I have been writing this, something hit me. I only read the message for my sign. What if I read the others messages for the other signs too? Will they also resonate with me, or will they seem disconnected? I'm going to find out. For some period of time into the future, I will read the messages for various signs. Then, at a later date, I'll report back to you on my findings. In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with running with positive message sent our way! What's your sign?.