Dogs Rule

As a kid, my family never had a dog. Well, that is not entirely true. Apparently, before I was born, we once had a dog, but my siblings blew it. They didn't take care of it, so mom and dad sent the dog packing to another forever home.

Because I didn't grow up with a dog, I always found the practice of owning a dog to be just a little odd. Think about it. We go out and find an animal, give it a name and at least initially, give them a free ride to pee and poop on the floor until they get the hang of letting us know (at all times of the day and night) that they need to go outside to do their business. Sometimes they chew stuff up and cause some real damage. One of my dogs (Andy) chewed the mud flaps off my car and ate the low-voltage control wires leading to the air conditioning compressor, but it was okay because he was so darn cute. Isn't that a bit strange?

Strange or not, when a dog's unconditional love kicks-in, we become mercilessly hooked on their love and companionship. No matter what kind of day we may have had, the dog is there for us. They want us to take them for a walk, play, give kisses, make us smile, or just hang out. Once I learned the love of a dog, I was hooked.

If only people were as nice as dogs! Today's advice: Don't go around smelling butts or any other non-human, doglike oddities, but share your love as if you were a dog!

Dogs RULE!


P.S. Next week, the fifth dog of my lifetime will be joining our family. Soon, "Frank" a black and white cockapoo puppy will be peeing and pooping on our floors until he too gets the hang of it!