Love Actually...

I watched the movie by the same name last night. Though it earned a 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, I liked it. It was a little encouraging, a little happy, a little sad and for the most part kind of fun. Spoiler alert: The bottom line is, many times we can get what we ask for, if we just ask!

I don’t remember if it was in the movie or on social media where I read/heard about how we aren’t nearly as divided as we think, we are just too narrow in our focus. The same was true in the film, the characters were afraid to express their love and because of that, stayed within themselves. We are all in love with a fairly small universe – ourselves and those with which we have become comfortable.

While the movie was more about physical, or romantic love, our challenge is to figure out how to broaden our brotherhood love universe. In conversation with one of my African American friends, he said, “We’re all the same. It’s just that long ago, our bodies adapted to the environments in which we originated and our genes perpetuated those physical features.” 

Let me ask you to take a challenge to broaden your love universe. Find someone outside your current universe and have a real conversation about how much they are like you. Embrace their similarities and differences while remembering they aren’t that different from you on the inside. Deep down, we are all the same. Showing kindness and love can help us unite. Who are you going to love?


P.S. I’ve missed blogging for the last few weeks because of the holiday rush and for that, I apologize. To make up for the lapse, I pledge to bring you a daily message for the first week (seven days) of January! See you next year — New Year’s Day 2019!