Happy New Year!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always treasured the beginning of a new year. Though every single day is treasured, there is something about the new year. It’s a fresh beginning, a reset, a chance to begin anew. Think about it as a new set of downs in football and perhaps extra innings in baseball. Both of them signal you are still in the game and there is a renewed hope and focus on success in the near future.

The start of this year is quite foreign to me. Instead of a new set of downs, a new ball game may have just kicked-off. Yesterday, I retired from a 37-year career in risk management. Merriam-Webster defines retirement as, “withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from working life.” I’ll accept that. Withdrawn from my occupation, I no longer have a regular job; no boss and no 9-5, or 7-4, or anytime to anytime. 

Though I enjoyed considerable freedom throughout my career, there were many “corporate constraints” which pulled back my reins and stifled my vision for an unbridled self. Now that I’m out of the box that forms what we call a job, I’m writing this from home at 6:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Sure, had I remained employed, I could have done the same, but today is different. It’s different because I am free from the expectations of what was my job and those who depended on me there. 

I still have responsibilities to my family and society. Thus, my focus becomes much more narrow. Instead of looking after and protecting some 35,000 employees in six separate entities, I’m focused on my family and YOU! My simple goal for this year is to become a much better husband and family member while providing my audience with a wide range of thoughts and ideas that will take them to a new level.

Though retired from a career, I’m far from simply sitting in a rocking chair. I’m here to share the knowledge of my years and to distill the thoughts and ideas of others for the overall benefit of mankind. Won’t you please join me for this ride?


P.S. Last week I promised to write a daily blog for the first seven days of January, 2019. Accordingly, I’ll see you tomorrow!