#21 of 37 Lessons -- Be Flexible

Be Flexible – My original intention was to blast through these 37 lessons in 37 days. Had I held to that schedule, the last post in this series would have been completed on February, 7th and here it is April, 22nd! Though a few people may be checking in on my blog from time to time; as far as I can tell, I’m currently writing this blog pretty much for myself. 

After post #20, I got sidetracked by international women’s day and made two posts that were important to me. Then, I took an unintentional blogging hiatus. I just got busy with a few other things. Up until my last post on March 9th, we were finishing up a very cool, sometimes cold, and certainly wet winter. Then, Spring sprung here in North Carolina and the many things I pledged to do in retirement began calling my name. There was a lot of yardwork (still is), the boat needed attention, consulting opportunities arose, people wanted business proposals, my workshop was a mess, taxes had to be done, and the list goes on…

Instead of blogging, I did a bunch of other things and I chose not to beat myself up because I had not been blogging. I was being flexible with myself. My deadline(s) were self-imposed, as opposed to the tax deadline of the recent past. No one was waiting for the next in the series – I don’t think.

I gave myself flexibility and it feels good. Now, I’m back to blogging because I want to refer people to my blog in a presentation next week. I’m not going to promise daily blogging because I’m flexible. However, I will endeavor to complete the 37 things series in a somewhat timely manner. 

Give yourself (and others) a break and be flexible. Don’t break promises, or intentionally sabotage deadlines, but be flexible – it will give you some peace of mind.