# 2 of 37 Lessons -- Be Friendly

Yesterday, was to dress better than your part. Today’s lesson: 

 Be friendly– being friendly should go without saying. Even so, I can’t begin to count the number of unfriendly people (including myself at times) I have encountered in my lifetime. Had I approached the TSA agent mentioned in yesterday’s post in a gruff and acerbic manner, there would have been little chance of making my flight and it would have been all my fault. 

Another flying experience – after giving a speech on leadership principles to an audience of about 200 people, I high-tailed it to the airport to catch a flight home, in order to complete preparation for a trip around-the-world I was to start the next day. At the airport, the ticket agent told me, “there’s no need to hurry, your flight has been canceled.” I laughed and said, “I just told about 200 people that I can’t be angry with you because this situation is not your fault.” He smiled in appreciation and began to look for options.

The flight I wanted to get on was a short one – less than an hour by air and about 4.5 hours by car. I told the agent I would go check on renting a car and driving home, but I might be back. He said okay. I went to the rental car counter and I think they wanted to sell me a car rather than rent one. I declined the astronomical rental rate and went back to see my friend at the airline ticket counter.

He said he had some news. The airline was sending a different plane, but it was too small to get everyone on that wanted to go to my destination. I asked if I was on or out of luck. He said, you’re supposed to be out of luck, but you’re in luck because you told people to be nice to gate agents in bad times – here’s your boarding pass.

 Be nice and friendly, or gruff and acerbic; it’s your choice. Which do you choose?