#17 of 37 Lessons -- Send Christmas Cards

Send Christmas Cards– we’ve sent the holiday season of 2018 into the history books. So, we think we have a lot of time before we’ll be saying, “where did another year go”? Early in my career, I was blown away when I received a handwritten Christmas card from a division manager who had more than 250 people in her bailiwick. I thought about how difficult I found it to send cards to friends and family and my list was way less than 250. Here, my boss’ boss took the time to send personal Christmas cards to each of her employees and no doubt, her friends and family too!

Her lesson wasn’t lost on me. I vowed to do the same when I had employees under my supervision and held true to that vow. Employees’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive. The first time I sent cards, almost everyone who received a card, came to me to thank me for the gesture. In future years, the same held true, employees appreciated getting a personal card from the boss. It was a little thing and went a long way to tell employees I cared.

In this crazy world we live in, you might not be comfortable doing the Christmas card thing. As an alternate, you might acquiesce to the more generic holiday card. If not that, you can go for birthdays, a seasonal celebration (winter, spring…), or some other obscure celebration such as “talk like a pirate day”. Regardless what you do, try not to offend with a holiday such as Halloween, which might offend, as some equate it with devil worship. You don’t want a well-meaning sentiment to back fire.

What do you think? What would make an impression on you and what might you do to boost employee morale?