#13 of 37 Lessons -- Someone will Die

Someone will die– not meaning to be macabre, it’s simple reality. Somewhere along the way, someone will die. This subject wasn’t on my original list of 37 lessons. However, it’s there now because of several circumstances.

Last week, J. D. Gibbs, son of the legendary NFL coach and NASCAR team owner, Joe Gibbs died and it got me to thinking. J. D. was only 49 years old – way too young. I can’t say I knew J. D., though we once talked on the phone about a potential promotional event for a club where we were both members. 

I also can’t say I really know Joe Gibbs, though we have spoken many times in person. For years, he and I frequented the same Starbucks. Over that time, we would greet each other with small pleasantries and from time to time we would talk racing. Once he gave me and my wife a copy of his book. He is a very admirable man. J. D’s passing made me think about how Joe is dealing with J. D.’s passing, though I’m convinced his faith in God will help him through.

This post isn’t about the Gibbs family, it’s about death. A few days after the news of J. D.’s death, I received word of another death. This one was much closer to home and it left me feeling some remorse. Locke Scripps, is a former neighbor, pianist, golf partner, wine enthusiast, friend and down-right great guy. We shared Wisconsin ties as we both spent a good bit of time there. When I moved from the same neighborhood as Locke, we lost touch.

Last year, Locke was diagnosed with leukemia and unfortunately, he did not survive. During the course of his treatment, I received updates from friends who encouraged me to reach out to him and my remorse comes because I never did and now it is too late. Locke died without me telling him what a great guy he was. 

This isn’t the first time this kind of thing happened and probably won’t be the last – unfortunately. What it is though, is a reminder to tell those who you care for how much you care for them. Don’t let too much time go by to reach out to friends and family.

Learn from my lesson and reach out. Who do you need to contact? Do it today!