#10 of 37 Lessons -- Give Away the Glory and Shoulder the Blame

Give away the glory and shoulder the blame – as a manager or leader it is your job to set standards that will ensure things under your guidance get done in an exemplary manner. Because of that, when success knocks on your door, you owe the success to your team for meeting your standards. Likewise, when the team experiences failure, it is because you didn’t set high enough standards.

When you humbly accept praise and attribute it to your team, you help others succeed. Even if you were the primary catalyst for success, deferring praise to your team will make them want to do an even better job in the future. Those that worked hard to achieve the accomplishment will know that and appreciate the nod. Those that didn’t work so hard might just step up to the plate a little more the next time. 

Don’t think for a minute that the team doesn’t know who pulled their weight in the success. Part of your job as a manager is to assess who pulled their weight and who didn’t and then coach individuals on how they can enhance the performance of the team. Two possible exceptions will be the narcissist or truly unmotivated on your team. They need to be managed separately and either rehabilitated, or managed out of the team.

By adopting high standards and holding your team responsible for those standards, everyone wins and you will experience much more success than failure. When employees are appreciated for success they will go farther to continue that success and that will result more team harmony, better served customers and fewer failures.

Will you choose to give away the glory and shoulder the blame? I hope so!