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Bread and Milk

Hurricane Florence is about to wreak havoc in and around the Carolinas. Earlier this week, I was in Wilmington, NC, which, at that time, was ground-zero for landfall. The storm has moved further south now, but will still have a strong effect on the entire coastline of North and South Carolina. 

When a natural disaster is impending, there is always a run on certain supplies. During a hurricane; generators, batteries, plywood, sand bags, etc. make sense. If a winter storm is approaching; shovels, sleds, salt and sand are in high demand. Regardless of the event though, the universal supply need seems to be bread and milk. Why is that? 

Both bread and milk are perishable. If your power is out, how are you going to keep the milk refrigerated (easier in the winter than the summer)?  Depending on the type of bread, it may last a week. Perhaps it’s a psychological/positive-thinking thing. Get milk and bread and the disaster will be over before the stuff goes bad? 

I’ve never had milk toast and hope I never do. It doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy! Is there such a thing as milk sandwich? Our household consumes minimal quantities of bread and milk and therefore did not stock up on those items. Instead, we stocked up on beer, wine and various canned goods to get us through. We have a variety of frozen proteins, (meat, fish, etc.) which we might need to thaw and grill for the neighborhood in the event of a prolonged power outage. If anyone knows why milk and bread is a disaster staple, I’d like to know! Rain rain, go away… and take the wind and destruction with you! Stay safe everyone.


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