What They are Saying about My Book

This book contains wisdom for all, such as the importance of the “Big Why”, the heart of your life’s journey. It was my own Big Why that led me to leave the corporate world and dedicate my life to creating a more just and equitable community in which everyone has the opportunity to prosper. For anyone seeking more fulfillment in life, Dan’s friendly guidance and guidelines demonstrate how mindset can affect outcome.

Carol Hardison, CEO, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Charlotte, NC; former Duke Energy Information Technology Executive


Dan’s book is well-written, funny and authentic.  He takes something that all of us aspire to do but often feel overwhelmed by- creating a life we love- and breaks it down into manageable steps.  It’s one thing to read a book and feel inspired to make positive changes in your life; it’s a whole other thing to be given the concrete tools you need to effect those changes. This book delivers both.  After reading it, I feel equipped and empowered to take both my personal and professional life to a whole new level. I highly recommend this book for not only those who are starting their careers but also for anyone who is questioning whether there’s more out there for them. I believe Dan’s answer to that quandary would be an unequivocal “YES!” and this book is the road map to getting you there.   

 – Lori Keeton, is a 20-year trial attorney based in Charlotte, NC who opened her own law firm two years ago.  She has been recognized as one of the   “50 Most Influential Women” by the Mecklenburg Times and honored as one of the Best Lawyers in America©, Business North Carolina magazine’s “Legal Elite” and North Carolina Super Lawyers®. She is also an active volunteer both within and outside the legal community. She is the incoming President for the Mecklenburg Bar Foundation, a Sunday school teacher at Northside City Church and a frequent mentor to young people. 

Dan Pliszka’s new book, “Life is Great!” succinctly captures the key concepts for a successful life in an easy-to-read and surprisingly fun format.  Every chapter is bursting with actionable suggestions that can be implemented in your day-to-life immediately.  Like most, I’ve experienced both “great!” and “not-so-great” throughout my life and career and I am often reminded of something my mother once told me.  Mom said, “if it was easy son, anyone could do it!” and I found that the three chapters, “You Can!”, “Be Bold”, and “Live your Values” really resonated with me.  Seriously, I’m confident that any reader will walk away from Dan’s book better equipped to understand what it really means to be successful and actually achieve “the life of your dreams”.

– George Puckett, is an entrepreneur and CEO of Verity Solutions Group, Inc. – the successful pharmacy software and services company headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

This book is a clear and well-organized framework for setting goals and what is required to fulfill them.  After it took 14 1/2 years of night school for me to earn one of my degrees, I remember someone commenting that I was very lucky. Luck had very little to do with it; I had set a clear goal and then I met it. As the book suggests, you might have to give up on things along the road to achieving your goals. Pliszka points out that only you can decide if the goal is worth the risk. Anyone bothered by politics needs to read Chapter 5. Reading this made me recognize my values and helped me realize that I do not want to be represented by anyone whose values are drastically different from my own.

– Larry Tice, author of Twice the Wisdom, Half the Pain