For about 10 years now, my wife and I have been celebrating “Friendsgiving” with 11 of our closest friends. The celebration started quite by accident when we purchased our first lake house, but the tradition continues. It begins early Saturday afternoon and ends around noon on Sunday. This year, because of our new dog (Frank), we’ve renamed it Franksgiving.

Whatever the name, getting together with friends is a very important part of our personal lives. This group is comprised of perhaps our closest of friends (sans a few that live far away). We all live different lives throughout the year and this one weekend is a highlight which allows us to let our “hair down” and reflect on a year well-lived.

Everyone pitches in to cook, serve and eat the food. Some drink a little – some a little more. Weather permitting, there will be a fire in the fire pit and a random person comes by to set off fireworks. We’ll hear some old stories and some new. We’ll learn a few secrets and discover other things that aren’t so secret. In the end, we will create lasting memories for the rest of our lives.

There’s nothing better than a good bunch of friends sharing good times and traditions. How do you celebrate with your friends?